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Based near Exeter in Southwest Devon, UK  I’m really proud to be a multi award winning online National and International Personal life coach to Ladies who are in their fifties -in that second stage of life.  Are you that lady who has perhaps found yourself having gone through a divorce or lost your partner? Feeling like a ship at sea with no direction, or perhaps reached a time where you want to flourish and do something for yourself and have a second bite of the cherry!   


Tell me - are you an empty nester - have your children flown the nest and  left home? Having spent years of your life dedicated to being a good mother and partner only to find yourself now wondering what your role in life is - not knowing what your purpose is anymore and where you fit in society - maybe you have a passion to startup your own business  and don't know where to start?


No doubt your confidence has taken a nose dive and your self esteem in on the floor. You deserve more, having dedicated your life so far to others this is now your time to let your inner goddess out to play, after all you probably have at least another 30+ years of an amazing life to be getting on with! 


I expect there's times when you feeling quite emotional, as a former Harley Street specialist in Wellbeing I can help you with the stress and anxiety that you are feeling amongst other emotions which seem to be spiralling out of control.


Meeting up with me on Skype/Zoom or phone I can coach you through these difficult times and please feel assured you will have my 110% attention. 

This is your time to flourish so come on you wonderful lady - hold my hand and let’s go through the door together- step out into the sunshine and be that woman you truly deserve to be.


  Book a Free Discovery call with me -  lets see if I can help take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

If you want to get a feel for coaching with me try one of my Empower Hour sessions below. 

If you are ready to commit to longer term coaching (3 month min) with extra support, accountability and bonuses you need to book a package with me now!

Past Client Experiences

What They’re Saying

I have worked with Teresa for a number of years – she is so approachable and such a pleasure to speak with, and never fails to open my eyes and mind with her inspirational coaching techniques. She has help me (on a business and personal level) and my team greatly with coaching sessions in stress & anxiety management to name a few. Teresa is such a calm and considerate person who really makes a difference to me and my business, so if you are in need of a business trainer/coach, do not hesitate to employ her!

R. Stoyle. UK

From the very first session with Teresa, I came away full of inspiration and motivation for getting on and building my life and my business. Not only is she incredibly easy to talk to, but she provides real value in her support and counsel, in all areas of life. Even with the trickier subjects, Teresa helped me identify what precisely it was that was holding me back, and offered simple but highly effective solutions for getting things back on track. Now, I feel much more focused, more supported, and more confident moving forward, with specific goals and a clearer vision of what it will look like when I've achieved them. 
Thank you so much for everything, Teresa! Couldn't recommend you enough :)


M. Fulton.

New Zealand

Teresa has recently worked with me on a variety of issues and I can honestly say that, through her coaching, she has encouraged me to be my better self. Teresa is a wonderfully calm and positive woman, who listens to what you are really saying (and helps you realise what you are really meaning!) helping to navigate potentially tricky situations or periods in your life / career. I strongly recommend Teresa.

 C. Mellor. UK


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Starting and Growing Your Own Business
Dreaming of Starting Your Own Business? This course is just what you need if you are thinking about or just starting up a new business.
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