Hello Ladies, greetings and a very warm welcome! 

We all want to feel Confident, Happy, Carefree and have a sense of Belonging don't we?



Many women are affected by significant life-changing events, especially around their '50s, such as Divorce - Separation - Empty Nest.


Having spent years dedicated to being a good mother, partner or wife, you may be wondering what your role is now, or seeking purpose: maybe feeling like a ship at sea with no direction and wondering what to do next?


Perhaps you have no idea where to start, or maybe you have a bucket list or a passion to start your own business but don't know what to do first. Everyone is unique but what we all have in common is the ability to create a great life ahead!

This is your time to let your inner goddess out to play, after all, you deserve it and have at least another 30+ years of an amazing life to be getting on with! 

 Book a Free Call with me (UK only) below and let's find out if I can help take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Although I am based in Exeter Devon UK I deliver coaching via zoom worldwide.

If you want to get a feel for coaching with me, try one of my Empower Hour sessions below!

If you are ready to commit to longer term coaching (3 month min) with extra support, accountability and bonuses you need to book a package with me now!

Past Client Experiences

What They’re Saying

Thank you Teresa for three wonderful sessions, I have learnt such a great deal and the tools you have given me are helping me each and every day on this new journey.

I felt understood, safe and nurtured from our first meeting. Your gentle, warm and professional approach enabled complete trust; I came away each time feeling beautifully calm, reassured and in control.

You are an absolute inspiration. I feel privileged to have spent this time with you and it is wonderful to know that you are there for me for support.

Thank you.

Valerie F. 

My sessions with you have been invaluable and I really can’t thank you enough. 

You’ve taught me that I don’t need to feel anxious, full of worry or sad all the time and provided me with the tools to take away and use if I ever felt a wobble. 


I can honestly say I am happier, brighter and more confident than ever! 


Even my doctor noticed a difference in me straight away on a routine visit last week.  So thank you  


Teresa's listening skills and questioning style both are excellent, she is calm and very understanding and she has helped me with various issues.


She has helped me build my confidence, improve my focus and stop procrastination.

I feel much more in control and focused now, and can really feel the difference having made good progress after being coached by her.

Anya M.

So proud to have been one of only three
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Teresa Bulford-Cooper
Helping Ladies In Their Second Stage Of Life Find Direction, Confidence and Self-Esteem.

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