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A Bit About  Teresa - Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Wellbeing Expert, Entrepreneur ....

The list could go on! It's been a 40+ year learning journey, which has made me an expert in my fields.


Let me take you on a quick trip of my journey - but before I do allow me to have a little brag!!


I'm really proud to share with you that I am a multi-award-winning, fully qualified National & International life Coach, NLP Trainer, Former Harley Street Clinical Mental Wellbeing Practitioner, Further Education Teacher & Business Mentor. Phew - that was a mouthful!


My back ground is of an entrepreneur, having started and run many businesses over the years always with an inner feeling that I wanted to help people- especially Ladies who seem to struggle, hence thats why I do what I do.


I have a passion and am on a mission to help Ladies explore their opportunities in life,

let out their inner Goddess and lead the life they truly desire and deserve.


In past years I had the honour and privilege to train extensively under the wing of many experts such as the amazing Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler, both in London and the USA), studied with the London College of Hypnosis to the highest degree, trained many years with the prestigious Coaching Academy in London, gaining International Coaching awards and a am very proud member of

the elite International Coaching Federation.


Having retired from my Harley Street practice some years ago  - preferring to work from the serenity of my base near Exeter, Devon in England I coach clients on line both nationally and Internationally.


Last year I fulfilled one of my dreams of publishing a book "Ladies Let's Get Going - starting and growing your dream Business" wanting to leave a legacy to Ladies (well anyone really) who are thinking of starting out in business.

 I have coached and mentored many people to reach their dream of becoming their own boss either from a passion they had or a hobby started on the kitchen table!


This year I have produced "A Pocket book of confidence" as I know many people are needing support in this area.

This is the first of  the series of self development books I am wanting to produce.


Well thats me in a nutshell!

I would love to hear about you so contact me and let's have a chat.


With love,


Teresa. x

Startup Business Book
A Pocket Book of Confidence
Teresa Bulford-Cooper MSc
Helping Ladies find Direction, Confidence and Happiness
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