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A Bit About  Teresa

WOW!!!!  What a journey!
It's been a 40+ year learning journey, but it's made me an expert in my fields.
 Heres a quick trip of my journey and how I came to help Ladies needing a helping hand.
Before I do I have a little brag!!
 I'm really proud to share with you  that I am a multi-award-winning, fully qualified International life Coach,
NLP Trainer Trainer, Former Harley Street Clinical Mental Wellness Practitioner, PGCE teacher & Business Mentor.
Phew - that was a mouthful!

My back ground is of an entrepreneur, having started and run many businesses over the years but I always had an inner feeling that I wanted to help people.  One of my businesses was The European School of Reiki where I taught people Reiki from all corners of the earth.

Having a passion for horses I also created a course and trained people in Equine Reiki.  


As always wanting to do things properly I returned to education as a mature student whilst running the school (which I later put on hold) 

and took a PGCE in Further education at Exeter University.

I did try main stream teaching in Biology and Science ( yes I have a BSC in Biology and MSc in Science) but it wasn't for me

as  I like to be out of the box to much!  

 I had another, some would say a calling to help people and decided it was to be as a Clinical hypnotherapist and an NLP Trainer. I had the privilege to train extensively under the wing of many experts such as

the amazing Paul McKenna, The London College of Hypnotherapy and  and Dr Richard Bandler, both in London and the USA.

This gave me very firm foundation to set up and run my very busy hypnotherapy/NLP/Coaching clinic in Devon and Harley Street London.   Continuing to broaden my skillset still further I studied professional Coaching for several years with the very prestigious Coaching Academy in London and I'm extremely proud to be a member of the elite International Coaching Federation. 

Due to lock down this year I had to close my Hypnotherapy Clinic (TBC Private Practice) as I couldn't treat clients face to face and was not feeling happy about using hypnotherapy on line.  I also closed my other company TBC Training & Coaching

as I wanted to concentrate on what I had found to be was my two true passions of  Coaching and helping women who are feeling un empowered to dig deep and find that inner passion and let it out.

 Last year I fulfilled one of my other dreams by publishing a book!

All (well lots of!) the knowledge I have acquired over my 40+ years of being in business 

is written in this business startup book Ladies Let's Get Going - starting and growing your dream business.

I wanted to leave a legacy and help nurture ladies along, giving them confidence and the power to succeed.

I have put lots of practical useful tips, advice and exercises with wellness at the heart of it. It's a great book (so I am told!) and something for everyone.

 My latest publication "A Pocketful of Confidence" holds 15 ways to help ladies 

build and grow confidence.

Handy to pop in a bag and have it to hand.  It's a quick easy to dip in anywhere book with 2 minute exercises after each tip. 

So here I am today (long story very short!)

 here to help you lovely Ladies find your feet, direction confidence, 

 inner Goddess and feel like a Million Dollars! 

Startup Business Book

BSc (Hons) Oxford Brooke's University 

 MSc Master of Science in Science with the Open University. 

 PGCE as a Further Education Teacher/Lecturer. Exeter University 

Managing Director of TBC Training & Coaching

Managing Director of TBC Private Practice

Managing Director of Teresa Bulford-Cooper Coaching

Published Author 

A Pocket Book of Confidence
Teresa Bulford-Cooper
Helping Ladies In Their Second Stage Of Life Find Direction, Confidence and Self-Esteem.
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