What is Coaching & How Can I Help You?

As an  experienced, professional  Life Coach I will support, listen and nurture you to achieve your goals.

 * Working with me will encourage you to do more than you would have done on your own, and much faster.


* Coaching allows you to focus on you, your goals and helps you to move forward and get results.


* It empowers you with tools, support and structure for you to make real progress.

Together we can explore and identify different avenues, options and ideas to unlock your potential, giving you direction, confidence and self esteem, to help you feel secure in moving forward, putting you firmly in control of your future. 


How often are the coaching sessions?      We will meet on zoom or phone once a month initially for 3 for live sessions.

How long will each session be?                   Usually sessions are one hour in duration


What will happen in our sessions?             We will discuss different avenues to take you forward, then make a plan of action for you to                                                                                     carry out in between our live sessions. You will be held accountable and be expected to carry                                                                                   out homework that I give you. 

Can I contact you between sessions?        Absolutely - you can contact me by email to run ideas or anything you need to know or discuss                                                                              between sessions at any time.  You will receive a weekly accountability email from me to report                                                                              on your progress

Are our sessions confidential?                   Yes, I work to the ICF high standards of client confidentiality & am fully GDPR compliant

Do I have to sign a contract?                       Yes you will have a contract for a 3 moth period 

 How much does coaching cost?                 That depends on your idea of value and cost. You can not put a value life changing experiences.

Are you a qualified Coach?                           Yes very! I have trained extensively with experts such as Paul McKenna, Dr Richard                                                                                                    Bandler and The London Coaching Academy. I am also a member of the elite                        

                                                                           International Coaching Federation (ICF)

If you have more questions  why not chat things over with me on a free 30 minute call?

What my clients say.

Pauline Devon UK

"Two coaching sessions via Skype and I'm already feeling calmer, more in control. 

Teresa asks the right questions and really listens. She is able to decipher from my hysterical ramblings just what the problems are and has helped me to find realistic solutions with humour and patience and level headedness

just when I needed it.

Helen London, UK

"Teresa has helped me to build my confidence, I needed to improve focus and stop procrastination. Her listening skills and questioning style both are excellent. She is calm and very understanding;

 I now feel a lot more in control and would happily recommend Teresa because she is such a brilliant coach.

Anne. Ireland

"Thank you Teresa for three wonderful sessions, I have learnt such a great deal and the tools you have given me are helping me each and every day on this new journey.

I felt understood, safe and nurtured from our first meeting. Your gentle, warm and professional approach enabled complete trust; I came away each time feeling beautifully calm, reassured and in control.

Teresa Bulford-Cooper
Helping Ladies In Their Second Stage Of Life Find Direction, Confidence and Self-Esteem.
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