Life Coaching for your 16-24 year old Daughter


As a mother of two daughters myself I know all to well about those difficult times when you just can’t seem to reach them and help when they are experiencing difficult moments. Everything you try seems to make things worse and leave you feeling like an inadequate parent. 


No matter how good your relationship is with your daughter and how close you are there are those times when they feel they cannot share problems they are having with you for reasons that they only know.  


There’s a difficult period of time when they hit 16 and have the heavy burden of school work, life decissions to make and the future can seem such a big scary place for them.  


Some suffer with exam stress others with anxiety, worries of not hitting their expected grades.  On top of that they are having the dance of the hormones, boyfrinds on the horizon and peer issues.  


Not to mention constant pressure to look good due to social media making them feeling inadequate and lacking in confidence.  


When they leave school and go onto the next stage of life wherether thats college, University or their first job it is one big scary step forward for them!  They are no longer spoon fed like they were at school and life takes on a whole different meaning. 


Some thrive but others curl up into a shell, their confidence takes a dive and they really stuggle.  For the ones going off to University and away from home for the first time it is a huge step - into the world of being a real grown up and having to care for themselves.  Some get really homesick whilst others enjoy the feeling of freedom for the first time - before they settle down and hit the hard reality of life! 


Starting a job for the first time can be a very anxious time, having to meet new people, new experiences, worrying that they are good enough and trying hard to get it right. They put so much pressure on themselves.


As parents we want to help our daughters but don’t always know how.  I have helped many families through these difficult times, Coaching their daughters whilst supporting the family. Why not give me a ring and see if I can help your daughter?