What is Coaching & How Can Coaching Help You?

An experienced, professional Coach will support, listen  and nurture you to achieve your goals.

 * Working with a coach accelerates you to do more than you would have done on your own, and much faster.


* It allows you to focus on you, your goals and enabling you to move forward and get results.

  • It empowers you with tools, support and structure for you to make real progress.

Together we can explore and identify different avenues, options and ideas to unlock your potential, giving you direction, confidence and self esteem to help you feel secure in moving forward, putting you firmly in control of your future. 

 Before Coaching with TBC






Feeling lost and all at sea.  Now the family no longer need me what’s my role in life?  I don’t know where I fit anymore – I don’t have a role.  

Feeling insignificant, not valued and invisible. No one seems to notice my presence anymore; I get overlooked and people don’t take what I say seriously or seem to care what I think and feel.  

Nothing to look forward to.  Everyday seems the same old same.  Every morning I wake up wondering what to do today and end up doing nothing which leaves me feeling that I have wasted the whole day doing nothing.  

Procrastinating – can’t be bothered to do anything.  Starting to feel depressed as I can’t seem to get enthusiasm to do what I want to do.  I know what I want to do and what I ought to do but doing them are two different things.  I keep putting it off and filling my days with time wasting things.

Accountability – well there’s no one to answer to so why bother doing anything? I can do things in my own time - problem is I never get anything completed as tomorrow will do!  

No excitement in life. When I was younger there seemed to be so much that I found exciting but now I seem to have lost my mojo and nothing seems to spark off those feelings anymore.

After Coaching with TBC


I have found the direction for my future happiness, what I want to do with my next 30+ years of life and have set my goals towards that, feeling in control, really happy and very positive. 


Full of confidence, fulfilled and appreciated.  Learnt how to project myself, make my voice heard and become more positive. Also learnt how to ask for what I want and consequently I am a much better communicator. 

Experiencing a new lease to life, happiness, more energy and enthusiasm.  By learning ways of organising my day I am so much happier and feel I have a purpose in life. Looking at things in a different light has given me new insight to what I have been missing out on and now I am able to harness that and go for it. 

Found new ways of achieving my goals and getting there faster.  Have a set course and broken-down steps to get there so I don’t feel overwhelmed. Instead of looking at things as a big picture Teresa has shown me how to break things down into smaller achievable parts.

Being kept on track and held accountable for my actions, fulfilling my tasks has made me feel really good.  I feel like I have actually achieved something.  

Have found my mojo and having a ball!!  There is still so much to get excited about it - I just needed the help to find that spark again!

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Pauline Virgo

Zest Physiotherapy, Devon UK

"Two coaching sessions via Skype and I'm already feeling calmer, more in control and with an actual feasible plan for world domination with my business and I didn't even need to leave my desk.


Teresa asks the right questions and really listens. She is able to decipher from my hysterical ramblings just what the problems are and has helped me to find realistic solutions with humour and patience and level headedness

just when I needed it.


London, UK

"Teresa has helped me to build my confidence, I needed to improve focus and stop procrastination, which I have achieved. Her listening skills and questioning style both are excellent. She is calm and very understanding; Teresa has helped me with various issues and I now feel a lot more in control.

I can really feel the difference in me and I have made good progress after being coached by her. I would happily recommend Teresa because she is a brilliant coach.



"Thank you Teresa for three wonderful sessions, I have learnt such a great deal and the tools you have given me are helping me each and every day on this new journey.

I felt understood, safe and nurtured from our first meeting. Your gentle, warm and professional approach enabled complete trust; I came away each time feeling beautifully calm, reassured and in control.

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