Frequently asked questions

How often are the coaching sessions?      Depends on how much support you need. Minimum is a 3 month period meeting live once a                                                                                  month on zoom

How long will each session be?                   Usually sessions are one hour in duration


What will happen in our sessions?             We will discuss different avenues to take you forward, then make a plan of action for you to                                                                                   carry out in between our live sessions. You will be held accountable and be expected to carry                                                                               out homework that I give you. 

Can I contact you between sessions?        Absolutely - you can contact me by email to run ideas or anything you need to know or discuss                                                                            between sessions at any time. You will receive a weekly accountability email from me to report                                                                            on your progress.

Are our sessions confidential?                   Yes, I work to the ICF high standards of client confidentiality & am fully GDPR compliant

Do I have to sign a contract?                       Yes you will have a contract for a 3 month period after which you can book monthly.

 How much does coaching cost?                 That depends on your idea of value and cost. You can not put a value life changing experiences.

Are you a qualified Coach?                           Yes very! I have trained extensively with experts such as Paul McKenna, Dr Richard                                                                                                  Bandler and The London Coaching Academy. I am also a member of the elite                        

                                                                           International Coaching Federation (ICF) and former Harley Street Practitioner


Teresa Bulford-Cooper MSc
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