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I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet so I'm going to rabbit on about me and all my past experiences because there's too much to tell and this journey is about your progress not mine, however, I know some of you like to know the ins and outs, so you can read all about me in my book if you wish to see how I came to be an expert in my own space.


But for now here's a small brief:


As a mature graduate of Oxford Brookes University where I read and was awarded a BSc (Hon's) in Environmental Biology, I went on to gain a MSc in Science with the Open University. Continuing my studies took me to Exeter University where I gained a PGCE as a Further Education Teacher/Lecturer. I started teaching Biology in Exeter but soon discovered that mainstream teaching was not for me. I felt I needed the freedom to teach in my own way without all the constrictions of having to follow a set curriculum.


Having started and run many different businesses before pursuing an academic path, and having studied many extra now considered 'essential' skills along the way, including becoming an NLP Trainer,  I settled into doing what I love most - helping people and passing on my knowledge!


Under the wing of amazing friends and trainers such as the amazing Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler, I trained extensively in both London and the USA, and then continued to broaden my skillset further undertaking several years of study in coaching with The Coaching Academy, London and becoming an member of the International Coach Federation. 


As a renowned multi award winning International professional Life Coach and former Harley Street specialist I would love the opportunity to have a chat with you to see if I can help you towards a happy fulfilling future so why not  

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Past Client Experiences

What some of my clients say!

I have worked with Teresa for a number of years โ€“ she is so approachable and such a pleasure to speak with, and never fails to open my eyes and mind with her inspirational coaching techniques. 


 She has help me (on a business and personal level) and my team greatly with stress & anxiety management to name a few.  


Teresa is such a calm and considerate person who really makes a difference to me and my business, so if you are in need of a business trainer/coach, do not hesitate to employ her!


Rob Stoyle

Owner of Helmores Estate Agents. UK.

I was stuck on a 5-year (longterm!) issue with one of my businesses where I was avoiding actioning a change I wanted to make.


Teresaโ€™s questioning led to an awareness that my feeling of fear over being left alone with all of the responsibility that change would bring about, was stopping me from taking action.


When Teresa & I explored the issue, options and goals involved, there was no evidence that my identified path couldnโ€™t be the right one and this promoted the confidence I needed to act. 


Without this help I likely would never have interrogated the options nor identified the root cause of my avoidance. Teresa also helped me to consider and identify what I really wanted and needed.


The outcome was that I overcame my fear, stopped procrastinating and was able to push forward and get the business moving in the direction it needed.


It WAS the right path both for myself and for that business.


Gracias Teresa!


Jean-Louis Trombetta

Serial Entrepreneur, Guatemala

From the very first session with Teresa, I came away full of inspiration and motivation for getting on and building my life and my business.


Not only is she incredibly easy to talk to, but she provides real value in her support and counsel, in all areas of life.


Even with the trickier subjects, Teresa helped me identify what precisely it was that was holding me back, and offered simple but highly effective solutions for getting things back on track.


Now, I feel much more focused, more supported, and more confident moving forward, with specific goals and a clearer vision of what it will look like when I've achieved them.


Thank you so much for everything, Teresa! Couldn't recommend you enough :)


Matthew Fulton,

The Book Editor, New Zealand 


Teresa Bulford-Cooper
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