Mother and Daughter Portrait


Being a parent is not always easy!

As we parents know, it is not always plain sailing being a parent, especially when your daughter hits adolescence and those wonderful hormones start to kick in!  


It's almost as though it happens overnight sometimes isn't it? One day your beautiful cuddly teenage daughter is all ears and hanging on your every word and you feel so close and the next you can't seem to do right for doing wrong!


Emotions change at the drop of a hat and we can only hope that we are getting it right as there's no handbook when you have children that equip us for parenthood.

Arghhh "what happened to my lovely daughter?" you ask!

Mother and Daughter Portrait

As our daughters grow into young ladies it can be a difficult time for them as there are so many decisions to think about - which exams to take at school, should they go to College for sixth form, do an NVQ or BTEC or go onto University, or maybe get a job.  That's just a skim of the surface.


Needless to say, it can be overwhelming and a time of huge anxiety for both teenagers and parents alike.  Young people struggle with peer groups, social media, and pressure themselves to look good and are constantly comparing themselves to others. There are so many demands on them!

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Parents often feel like a failure


If things are left to fester in the hope that it will all work out, your daughter will start losing confidence, self-esteem, get moodier and more difficult to communicate with, more anxious and continue to shut herself away on her mobile.


As they retract more and more into themselves, you as a parent can feel that you are no longer able to talk to them as they just don't want to listen (and what we know anyway!) which makes you feel as though you have failed in your parental skills and as a parent.

This is when parents turn to me for help as they are quite rightly worried about their daughter.

The main reasons parents seek my help 


  • Their daughter has a problem and they don't know how to help them.

  • Parents notice there is a problem but their daughter just won't talk to them

  • They are at the end of their tether and need help!


When parents suggest talking to a Life Coach - or in this case a Youth Coach they really like the idea of having an impartial stranger to talk their thoughts and fears through who will never judge them and that they can relax knowing that have complete confidentiality.

University is a big step away from the family home


For daughters who have gone onto University and being away from home for the first time can be an enormous step.  I have coached many young ladies suffering from feelings of homesickness, stressing over workload and suffering from exam anxieties, not to mention having to look after themselves!


The first year is usually the most challenging for them as there is so much to get used to and they are way out of their comfort zone. It's a hard time for Mums as well seeing their daughter leave home and they often feel very lost wondering what their role is now.

Starting work can be a challenging time

Can you remember your first day at work?  It is the most nerve-racking thing, not knowing anyone, if you are going to fit in and be accepted by your workmates. By this age, Mum is usually the first port of call when there are problems, but they don't always know how to help.


The main problem that arises for young women here is suffering a lack of confidence constantly wondering if they are good enough and worried about doing something wrong. The best thing you can do is give her reassurance and let her know that things will settle down as she gets used to being in her position. 

So how can I help your daughter?

That's easy - to begin working with me, there are just 3 steps o follow and we can begin to get her into a happier place and coping better with life using my unique 7 step programme 

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Step 1

Book a 30 minute free consultation with me to explore what's going on in your world and see how I can best help you. 


Step 2

Book your first coaching session to begin your new exciting journey towards to the life you so desire and deserve.

Quiet Desk

Step 3

Meet up with me for your face to face coaching sessions on zoom, Skype or if you prefer on the phone.