16 - 17 Year Old Teenage Daughters

Helping you to help your 16-17 teenage daughter

It's not easy being a Parent to Teenage daughters

but remember it's also not easy being a Teenager!

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Whats happening to your teenage daughter?

At 16 your daughter is racing towards becoming a fully-fledged adult and will start making her own decisions – not always ones you will agree with!


The best piece of advice I can give you here is to listen and discuss quietly.  

As a parent, we know our daughters are very good at telling us that they don’t need us (remember telling your parents that?)  “You don’t know anything - how can you possibly understand?” Sound familiar?   Of course, we were never young or had a life, did we? Their best friend knows more than you according to her!  


This is usually the time that parents look to me for some outside help as they find it impossible to get through to her.  Do you remember how much easier it was to talk to someone outside the family?

Well, I am your daughter's non-judgemental friend who will listen and guide her through these difficult times. I have helped many teenagers and their families to calm the waters and work towards a good outcome.  


You need to tell them how great they are (only when they are though), praise them when they have accomplished something. Let them know that it’s ok to fail at things and explain it’s how they learn important skills. It’s good for them to fail sometimes and not to be rescued as they must be able to handle failure later in life and be familiar with the discomfort it brings.  They have to become responsible!


I think you will agree that she is in a world of social media, friendships and romantic relationships are on the scene!  There is so much pressure to look good, they compare themselves with whom they see on the screen.  They lack the confidence to speak out and stand up for themselves and struggle to keep up with their friends.

You are having to take a painful back seat and let them grow whilst keeping a watchful eye! Teenagers tend to spend less time with their family and want to be out and about with friends and it's not unusual for them to want to spend more time alone in their room, which is fine as we all need space don’t we?


 It's important that you do not question your parenting skills - just because you can't get through to them does not make you a bad parent!  I have many parents doing quilt trips and it's not their fault - we don't get a handbook when they are born so we can only do the best we can. 


In their mid-teens she begins to master abstract thinking which means she is wondering about the world and how she fits in it, her reasoning and problem skills are now developing.  She will start to consider her prospects about the future, but she will still need you to help her explore her options such as going onto college or not, how this will affect her future after school. This can be a difficult time as theres so much going on with exams and college/University choices. 

My Clients

Teenage Girl

Teresa is a very caring and empathetic coach. She has been invaluable in helping us through a difficult period in our lives. We now feel better equipped to meet future challenges with a renewed confidence in our ability to communicate more clearly.

Thank you Teresa.

Student on a Break

Teresa has been a fantastic support to our teenage daughter who has anxiety, that has been heightened during the pandemic. Teresa has shown her great care and kindness and has given her useful strategies for coping. Her support to us as parents has been invaluable.We would definitely recommend her.

Girl in Shop

Teresa was very helpful in assisting me to overcome my anxiety and stresses in my life. She saved me from myself and guided me through some dark times. I would highly recomend her to anyone needing help. 

Smiling Girl

 I have so much more confidence after my coaching sessions with Teresa. She is so kind and understanding and as she has taught me there is no such thing as a silly question! 

Smiling Young Woman

Before coaching with Teresa I was hooked up with the way I looked and full felt of anxiety.  I couldn't  concentrate on anything let alone school work.  My parents didn't know what to do with me until a friend recommended Teresa.  Now I realise it was down to peer pressure and social media - trying to look so perfect. Thanks Teresa. x