Free Resources For Your Daughter

Here are two resources for you to download for your daughter to use every day to help grow her confidence.


Looking in the mirror and saying something nice to herself will start to change the way she thinks about herself and start building on positive thoughts.

Filling in the 3 things I feel grateful for will encourage her to look at what good things are happening in her day and start to lift her inner happiness. This should ideally be filled out before sleep time each evening so that she goes to sleep with happy thoughts. 

If she has a file that she can pop these in to keep a record of her good feelings and thoughts, that's great.  It will become something that she can look back at on those not so positive days and realise that actually there are nice things happening in her world! 


I know what it's like having daughters you can't seem to help so give me a call and let's have a chat to see if I can help you both.