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3 ways you can help your 16-24 year old daughters

Updated: Apr 14

In these unprecedented times with covid in our midst the younger generation, by which I

mean teenagers and early twenties are especially finding it hard to cope with their emotions and make sense of whats going on in the world. With schools, college and University interruptions their pattern of life has changed and they have been thrown into turmoil.

Grandmothers and Mums have found themselves at desperation point not knowing how to help them and anxiety and stress levels are soaring as they can’t find any solutions. Doctors are over stretched and waiting lists on the NHS are so long that people are frustrated, desperate and not getting the help that they need.

As a long standing Life Coach to Ladies I have supported and helped hundreds if not thousands of Mothers and Grans whilst helping their daughters through various issues, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence and just plan not knowing what to do in life and I would like to share 3 things that you can do to help your younger generation and indeed each other.

1.Listen to their issues and don't judge them. It takes a lot for a young person to open up and tell you their problems no matter how close you think you are. Just being a listening and understanding ear can make an enormous difference.

2. Take them seriously and try not to fob their issues off as “just growing up, it’s a phase and they will be fine”. How would you feel if your best friend did this to you? Their issues whatever they are are very real to them - remember back to your younger days and how huge a problem seemed and you could not see a way of over coming it. To us we know it is sometimes about life learning which sometimes we forget as it seems such a small trivial thing. Believe me little things to us which we would dismiss is like a huge mountain to them.

3. Give them your time. How often do you actually spend quality time with them? Even just a regular chat on the phone can work wonders, they need to know that someone is in their corner and that they are being taken seriously. Write them letters - not emails as this shows you have taken the time to sit down and think about them. There is something really special receiving a hand written letter through the post of just popped on their pillow.

So there's 3 things for you to try out and I’m sure you have realised that it’s not just the younger generation that will benefit from these 3 tips!

If you have a struggling youngster in the family or if indeed you are then book a free 30 minute chat with me and I will see what I can do to help you. Just go to or email me at

Stay safe and well.

With love

Teresa. X

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