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Dreaming of taking a holiday alone? Heres how to get started.

Many women that I have coached who have found themselves alone for various reasons, say they found it really difficult to go out and about doing things on their own, things that they're longing to do - like take a holiday.

In such situations they put off going as they don’t want to appear like the lonely odd person out in the group, you know – the one that people feel sorry for because they are on their own.

Previously having been away with family or off exploring on adventure holidays with their other half, they have always felt secure and relaxed about things. Now however there's a feeling of insecurity about having to do things on their own, things that they took for granted and would do without thinking twice before, but now it all seem a bit scary and dubious. Sound familiar?

Well here's the thing Ladies, to overcome these situations and feelings you need to be brave and take control, which yes will take you out of your comfort zone for a while but you will begin to reap the benefits as your confidence begins to grow. Having done it once you will be confident about going away on your own again.

Besides plucking up the courage to get out there and interacting with other people will make you popular, approachable and with any luck the person people want to be associated with!

So how to get out on that holiday and overcome these feelings of trepidation?

A good starting point to dip your toe in the water would be taking a small group holiday. On these type of trips they make sure you are well looked after as there's a local tour guide who will know the ropes, and understand that you may be worried about your personal security.

I found a few tour agents you may like to explore on the web:

(One I can personally recommend and have been with many times is Exodus Travel)

Or if you would feel more comfortable on a women’s only trip have a look at

If you are worried about travelling distances at first why not take a local tour or small cruise to wet your appetite and increase your confidence ready for another more adventurous holiday?

I would also suggest that you choose trips that are going to be with with like minded people and of similar age groups to feel really comfortable. Personally I find theres nothing more annoying than being on trips with babies crying and toddlers whining when you just want to enjoy a quiet moment!

If you have an interest such a painting there are various artists that run small group painting holidays or perhaps something like a retreat. One word of advice with these type of intimate holidays is make sure you have a money back guarantee just incase the trip has to be canceled. It's always best to book through an agent who is ABTA registered for peace of mind.

So all these points in mind whats stopping you from bracing yourself and launching yourself out there (apart from COVID19 at the moment)? When you do you will find more enrichment in your life, bring more happiness and a feeling of achievement as well as escalating your confidence. You will meet new people and hopefully make new friends – maybe find a new travelling companion - someone like you that wants to go traveling. Think of those amazing holiday snaps you will have to look back on and relive those wonderful moments!

Hope this has been helpful – good luck and enjoy your travels – your new adventures! Let me know how you get on! If you need any help contact me for a chat.

With love.

Teresa. x

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