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Fed up with feeling drab, unfulfilled and taken for granted?

Are you like many of us, stuck indoors and beginning to feel more and more anxious and stressed? It’s bit of a crap time for us all isn’t it?

Especially if you are not used to spending so much time with your partner! I know so many Ladies who are faced again with putting up with the old man 24/7 and it’s really getting to them!

When you’re apart in the day you can put up with the grumpy old man for periods of time, but when we are forced into lockdown with them then it takes a different course! You become really irked at the smallest things and start getting on each other’s nerves – maybe you wish you could take a leaf out of Shirley’s Valentine’s book! (if you haven’t seen the film you must!!)

We can all dream of being as brave as Shirley, taking the bull by the horns, walking into the unknown, time to do something for herself. Life was slipping by and she was fed up with being in a loveless marriage, a skivvy and everyone’s doormat. She dreamt of being wanted and special once again. Fed up with the humdrum life she had she finally found the courage and did something about it!

I think many ladies can relate to her story and wish they could be brave enough to do the same. My question as a life coach is what stops you? Usually, the answer from my coaching clients is having the confidence to take that step out into the unknown. As we get older, we dont seem to be that confident person we were back in our hay day, usually down to the fact that we have put everyone else first and berried our dreams and passions away and the confidence goes with them.

You don’t have to get to that point the Shirley Valentine did though, or think about separation or divorce, there are many things you can do for yourself to bring some light back into your life and have more joy. It’s just knowing where to start and what to do. I know it’s difficult at the moment but there’s nothing to stop you putting a plan together ready to action once we are all let out again!

Think about taking up a new hobby or pass time, something that will give you something of your own to do and look forward to. I know one lady who decided to take up horse riding at 54, never haven ridden a horse before in her life! She just wanted to have a go. Well, long story short she absolutely loved it and it has brought new joy into her life! She has gained so much confidence and happiness and lives for her once-a-week lesson. Her goal now is to get really competent and to buy her own horse to go out to local horse shows.

Another lady I know took up sewing, brought herself a new sewing machine and watched lots of You Tube how to do things and away she went! She got so absorbed in it that it became a real passion. Another long story short - she now makes curtains and cushion covers as a small business, having gained so much confidence after she stepped out of her comfort zone and started doing something for herself.

If you are struggling to find happiness and joy in your life isn’t it about time you did something about it? You deserve to be happy and joyful – it’s your turn! We are not in a waiting room, and as far as I know we only get one time around so come on Ladies – let that inner Goddess out and hear that Lion roar!

As always - pop me an email if you need to chat and let's see if I can help you.

Til the next time, stay safe and well.

Much love

Teresa. x

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