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Dreaming of Starting a small business? Here's how to get started.

Updated: Aug 27

One of my clients recently started a dog massage business and like all businesses in their infancy it is difficult to get those first customers and get going. I thought I would share with you some advice and tips I gave her to help get her going:

• Are you getting out networking? The main thing is to get out and talk people. With networking there’s lots of low cost and free events out there. Look on Eventbrite and search for local networking events.

• Are there any local exhibitions you can have a stand at?

• Have you been in to see local vets to tell them about your service? Could you ask them if you could run a clinic from their place once a week/month? Can you put up posters/cards at their practice? 

• Ask the pubs if you can leave some cards and offer a referral payment (e.g. every customer you send me I will give you £5).

• Offer a referral system to dog groomers as well

• Get reviews for marketing on Google (people go by reviews, that’s why I am always chasing for them).

 • Are you registered on Google My Business? If not get your business registered on there as soon as possible.

 • Can you give talk demos anywhere? 

• Talk to people and ask if they know anyone who would like to use your services

• Write short blogs and snippets on your Facebook page about case studies (use other people’s examples if you don’t have any yet) and talk about the benefits. Become the “to go person”. 

 • Are you on LinkedIn? • Have you got a Facebook page? Send friend requests to increase your followers.

 • Are you on Instagram? This social media platform is becoming increasingly more popular. I would have thought your customers live on these last two platforms so concentrate your efforts on those two. Build up a library of engaging photo and video content as these platforms are largely visual.

I think that’s enough to consider for now. However, if you’d like even more tips and advice, read my new book “Ladies,Let’s Get Going,” available to order at all good bookstores or online platforms. Here’s a link for Amazon or you can order direct from me for a personally signed copy. 

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