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How do some ladies over 50 have more confidence than others?

Do you ever look at really confident ladies, admire them and wonder how you could be like them, just do what you want to do, say what you want to say and not feel the slightest intimidated by anyone? You maybe asking yourself "well how do they do it?"

Well the answer is not something magical but something quite practical. They have either grown up with good role models who have instilled confidence in them, parents. teachers etc or they have learnt how to be that way by having some life coaching to learn the skills and overcome mental blocks.

A recent study revealed that women's confidence plummets after 50 and only 15% reported high or very high confidence levels and according to an article in the the Daily Mail newspaper, women feel invisible by the time they are 51. That to me is shocking and should not be happening.

Ladies clearly need some help in the confidence department. The art of feeling confident is being comfortable in your own skin and being at one with yourself. Be happy with who you are and know that you are good enough and just as good as anyone else. Follow your own believes and values not following someone else's.

Unfortunately many ladies over the years have taken to heart things that have been said to them and its played on their mind. This could just be throw away comments from people who say they are just "joking" or not such nice people who maybe a bit jealous or spiteful. Your mind is one of the strongest things on the planet and if you tell it something enough or are told something enough times it will start to believe it.

You see when your brain is constantly hearing either your internal chatter telling it you are rubbish and lack confidence or someone putting you down it will be conditioning your brain. You have learnt to be this way over the years, letting your confidence errode but the good news is you can reprogram that lovey brain of yours!

The other reason for lacking confidence is the simple fact that you have probebly been bringing up a family or looking after elderly parents. You have forgotten about yourself and your needs over time, and when it is your time to shine you suddenly realise that you are not as confident as you used to be.

Here are 7 tips for you to take on board.

1. Start talking nicely to your self and build your self up instead of putting yourself down.

2.Change your negative thoughts into positive ones

3. Surround yourself with positive confident people who build you up

4. Get rid of the toxic people in your life who constantly put you down

5. Write a good affirmation and constantly repeat it to yoursself through out the day. Some thing like " I am a confident positve person and can do anything I put my mind to".

6. think about all the achievements big or small throughout your life - write them down and reflect on them.

7. Self care- take a pride in the way you look.

You to can be one of those confident ladies that can walk into a room full of people without a thought, reach out and take what you want and so deserve. Come and join me with other like minded ladies on my Confidence Building course starting on January 26th at 7pm - 7.30pm. It's run once a week over 3 weeks - only £15 - you cant buy 3 cups of good coffee for that and what have you got to loose? See you there - heres the link to book.

Stay safe and well

With love

Teresa. x

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