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How do some women over 50 feel so fulfilled and happy and others not?

Some women over 50 have already found the key to feeling fulfilled and found their purpose in life. But sadly many haven’t yet and are still floating around feeling that each day is the same, no excitement, nothing to look forward to. Let’s face it we all need a little excitement in our lives don’t we?

We all need to have some purpose. That may be something small you can work towards or a bigger goal, but no matter how small or large it’s what gets us out of bed in the mornings and fills us with happiness and makes us feel fulfilled.

So how have these ladies found that feeling of being complete ad fulfilled in life?

The answer is quite simple really. They have taken stock of where they are in life and decided to take what they want from it. They realised that we are not in a waiting room and life is for living.

You have to be brave and take steps towards what you really want out of life. After all, no doubt you have spent the last goodness knows how many years serving other people, maybe at home or work but now it’s your turn! Ask yourself when is enough enough? Come on - stamp your feet and decide to do something about your inner happiness and go for whatever will make you feel valuable, happy and fulfilled.

So how do you start that process?

Here are a few tips to get you going:

1. Sit down with paper and pen and list all the things that make you feel happy inside - they can be little things or big things or both!

2. Make a list of your core values - this is everything that you feel strongly about such as being honest, being truthful, being a good friend, etc.

3. Now make another list of your beliefs (that’s things that you believe to be). For instance, you believe you are a good honest person, you believe you can travel the world, start a small business, etc.

4. Now close your eyes and dream about where you want to be and what you are doing - dare to dream big. Who is there with you, what are you doing, where are you? Open your eyes and write that down.

5. Now bring it together and look for the patterns in the steps above - what is it telling you?

Here’s an example. Harriet had no idea what she wanted to do, she was just floating around from day to day doing the same old same old getting very bored and fed up with life. When I took her through this process she discovered that her strongest core value was being true to herself and those around her.

Harriet’s top values were giving happiness to others, truth and honesty. Her top belief was knowing she was a great cake maker. As she allowed herself to dream, she could see herself turning her love of baking into a small business selling beautiful cupcakes, seeing the happiness on people’s faces and hearing the yummmm as they took a bite into the cakes.

So now she had something to work towards and we could start her new journey to having a purpose.

Cutting a long story short, after coaching with me, Harriet has set up business and supplies cupcakes for parties, celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, kiddies parties etc., bringing happiness to others and being true to herself. It hasn’t been easy, but because she found her true passion she was prepared to put the work in and go for it. She now has a very successful small business (everyone loves a cupcake - right?) and is really fulfilled, happy and able to afford to do things she loves doing. Great job Harriet!

It doesn't have to be something so life changing like Harriet though, many Ladies I work with rediscover things in their past that they had put aside and want to reactivate but don't know where to start and just need a little help finding the process, or we find what gives them joy and how they can make that a reality.

If you are living the same old same old life, isn’t it time you stamped your feet and said “enough is enough! I want more out of life”? Let’s have a 30-minute chat and see what we can come up with to get you living a truly happy purposeful life. You can book a no obligation chat with me - my passion is to help you have a wonderful life and help you find the ways to do that - I truly just want what’s good for you.

With love

Teresa. x

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