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How do you you gain confidence over 50?

Updated: Apr 15

Confidence is something which we build up over time from our life experiences. but

unfortunately for some of us something in our past, perhaps a parent or someone in school has shut us down for some reason, and made us feel inadequate - thus loosing our confidence

Many women loose their confidence when they have divorced or during the process of a divorce as it can be a devastating experience as is the loss of a partner. Suddenly your world has blown apart and there is so much to think about, new experiences and challenges in life to cope with. I understand these feelings and know that it's not easy to pick up the pieces but you can and you will with a little help from your friends (as the saying goes!).

To regain your confidence may take a little while but you can do it. I have coached so many women over the years who have gone from not saying boo to a goose to becoming a confident women in their own right, who now lead fantastic full and exciting lives.

To gain or regain your confidence you need to take a deep breath and have a go at things, no matter how much you shake in your boots - just do it! The more you try and step out of your comfort zone the easier and less scary it becomes. Of course there are many other ways to grow your confidence which I will address in another blog but stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the biggest and fastest way of doing it.

In this video I share some tips about how I built my own confidence and how I became the confident woman I am today (yes even I lacked confidence too when I was younger!). I really hope this will give you the inspiration to come out of your shell, stand up and be counted!

Please do leave comments and if I can help you start your journey to being that confident lady you really want to be - let her out to live again then just pop me an email or book a call with me and let's chat things through.

With love

Teresa. x

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