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How To Feel Fabulous Every Day!

We all have a right to feel fabulous no matter who we are. One of the easiest and most practical ways to feel good is accepting who you are and being happy in your own skin. It's all about confidence and a great way to accomplish this is to look and feel good in what you wear.

I’ve just replenished my winter wardrobe after a session with my personal stylist Louise Newton from Style by Louise in Somerset recently, so time to let go of those old jeans, cardigans & jumpers etc that no longer fit - you know the ones where you think “ I will squeeze into that when I’ve lost a few inches!😂 Never going to happen!

It seems that knowing what is going to look good and suit us is the key to buying clothes that we want to keep and get the best value from. It is true that if your clothes look and feel good it does fill you with happiness, confidence and joy and doesn't have to cost a fourtune!

As Louise says in our chat below the thing is to get it right at the start and only buy what gives you joy and ignore what doesn’t!

Here's a few take away tips from Louise.

  • Find your dominant colour to really make you pop!

  • People react differently to what you're wearing so you need to get it right.

  • A good fitting bra can change your entire shape!

  • Dress for who you are and feel beautiful

  • Buy what you can afford and what you feel great in - if in doubt don't buy it!

After my session with Louise I immediately changed from my drab black jumper into a white tea shirt and long purple cardigan, got rid of my boring Kirby grips, replaced with sparkly ones and straight away felt more radiant and joyful. Just a few small changes can make a big difference! Next move is the bra fitting when the shops reopen! 😉

Stay well. Teresa. x

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