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How to find Happiness after 50

Ladies can you put your hand on your heart and tell me that you are truly happy? I mean that deep down contented happiness that makes you feel at one with yourself and feel really fulfilled.

Do you think about the things you would love to have a go at or try out but never do anything about it? Just sitting back and thinking this is your lot?

If thats you then come on Ladies get off your backside and develop a "go get it attitude" – just because you are in your second stage of life doesn’t mean you have to give up and let life pass you by. You have earned your place to be happy and now is your time!

Life is to short to not have happy moments and life really does begin at 50 – believe me it’s only just the beginning - take it from one that knows!

Are you ready to rock? Let's get going then; This is something I do with the Ladies that I coach and is a really powerful driver.

Start off by setting your self some goals – Think to yourself - "what it is that I want to have achieved in a months time?" "What do I want to achieve in 6 -12 months time? Lastly, "what do I want to be achieve in the longer term - say in 5 years plus time.

Make a list of those things and put them in sections under the headings of Short term, Mid term and Long term as below.

Short Term

I want to plant up my garden boarders.

Steps. I will do this at 11am on Wednesday and Friday at 2pm and it will be finished at (time on date)

Mid Term

I will finish the bedspread I am making for my Granddaughter

Steps. I will do (something) towards this every day for 30 minutes at 4pm and it will be finished on (date) at (time)

Long Term

I want to move house to be nearer my daughter

Steps. I will do (something) towards this on (dates) for (time) and will be finished on (date) at (time)

Plan out what small steps you can take each day towards each of your goals - put a date and time on them as above other wise you won’t commit to it! It's important to make small steps towards your goals not charge in and try to achieve it fast other wise you will either burn out of get overwhelmed by it all.

Remember that little steps add to the journey (which in it's self should be a fun thing) and taking the first step is the important one! You can do it - go on let that inner Goddess out to play and get some happiness back in your life!

If you need a little help with your plans you can book a free session with me!

You can do it!

With love. Teresa. x

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