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Just because you're divorced or alone in your second stage of life doesn't mean it's over!

Being divorced or without a partner in the second stage of life can be a very lonely time especially for the over 50's. You may well suffer with feelings of vulnerability, security issues and lack confidence, making you afraid to get back into society and enjoy life again.

The longer you are on your own the more daunting it feels to take that step out and try something new to get acquainted with other people, but we humans are pack animals and need to feel accepted, loved and to achieve this we need to have a social life of some sort.

If you do not get out and socialise you will stagnate which can lead to depression and lack of self esteem - a catch 22 where you will loose even more confidence as time goes on.

So in order to get out and about you really need to make an effort and think about joining clubs or societies where you can meet like minded people who are quite possibly in the same situation as you.

You will feel so much better sharing time and meeting other people, doing things which give you enjoyment and fun. You will become more fulfilled and get that spark back in your life. Lets face it we all need a little sparkle in life don't we Ladies?

A fantastic way to restart your social life can be joining a highly reputable society like The Pi Society in Exeter created by Nicky Dunn who has a passion to help people connect. Below you can hear Nicky and I chatting about the Pi Society and how it works. Please bare with the occasional freeze and voice loss due to the bad connection with Zoom which most people seem to be having at the moment!

So, let me introduce you to the lovely Nicky Dunn from the PI Society and you will hear how Nicky can nurture you back into finding a fulfilled life with people who are like minded and in the same situation as you. Ladies this is an ideal way to dip your toe back into the fun in life!

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