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Ladies - How secure is your financial future?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

No matter what situation you find yourself in at your second stage of life, having your finances in order can give you a strong sense of security and is a must to have you feeling confident about your future.

It can cause you untold stress and worry about what you can and can’t do in life due to your financial position, so it is something you need to have in place.

I think you will find valuable information in the light hearted video below where I am talking to Louis Coke a Financial Wealth Manager from Charles Stanley who are experts in this field.

Louis gives an insight into what they do and how a wealth Manager can help you in various situations including how they can work along side your solicitor and help with tricky situations like divorce settlements. Please don’t think you have to have a large sum of money to have a Wealth Manager, it’s just a title and nothing to be worried about!

Many companies will provide a free exploratory talk so it’s worth giving a few a call to see if they can help you and which one you feel comfortable with. Getting your position clear and setting a firm foundation for your future will take all that stress and worry away leaving you to enjoy your life.

A few tips to help you with your every day spending

  • Keep an eye on your costs. Make sure you have an idea of how much you have coming in, how much you are spending and what on. You could set up an excel spread sheet - doesn't have to be extensive but make sure you have a heading for each category of expenditure and income, or simply keep a list in a ledger/book.

  • Clear your old debts if you have any to give you peace of mind and give yourself a budget each month that wont tip you into overdraft!

  • Make sure you have an emergency fund tucked away for a rainy day. If you put a bit aside each month you will be sure to build up some funds for things that can take you by surprise that you had not budgeted for.

  • If you use credit cards be sure to pay them off by direct debit each month from your bank account. This will save you going into debt and paying extra percentages to the credit card companies.

If I can be of help to you I am always happy to chat things through with you. Pop me an email or book a free call with me.

All for now, stay safe and well. Teresa.x

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