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Ladies it's true - Life really does begin at 50!

It can be a very strange place for women when they hit their 50’s. I remember hitting my 50th Birthday and feeling really down for some reason but couldnt figure out why. Maybe it was a feeling that 50 is half a century which seems a long time and I was suddenly old and theres not much time left. What to do in the time I have left - like a waiting room for the inevitable, after all the kids had left home so I was an empty nester so what was my role now? Yes that was it - a sence of my best days are over and now I’m just waiting for the end to arrive. Oh my goodness looking back what on earth was I thinking?

Many ladies wonder, like I did what their role is in life now that the children have left home - their role as mother and nurturer are no longer the most important thing anymore. Theres that feeling of what now and if not nipped in the bud can lead to depression and a sense of low self worth which can start to effect your daily life with feelings of loneliness and almost a sence of bereavememnt for the loss of your earlier years. Thats a downward spiral so to be avoided at all costs!

Instead it is time to realise that hey come on you have another good 30 years plus left to enjoy yet! This is your time to shine. Having gone though these experiences I can vouch that life gets better as you get older. Its time to take on a another role - yes, your own!

So where to start - what can you do or better still what would you like to be doing now you have the freedom to do it?

After many years of ignoring your own inner feelings you may find that you do not have the confidence that you once had as a younger person. This is quite natural and easliy fixable. You have spent many years dedicating your time to others you have forgotten to nurture yourself and neglecticed to realise that unless you do something on a regular basis it can slip though your fingers and you have to start to buid it up again. So heres a few ideas to help get you started.

1.Get your mind into a positive place and take a good look at planning your future. Sit down with a pen and paper and start listing down all the things you have longed to do, doesnt have to be big things, little things count as well.

2.Start to take action on your list, whats the priority for you and what needs to be in place for you to be able to do the things you have listed?

3.Think about who else will your decissions effect and in what way? What can you do about this? What needs to be in place for you to be able to achieve your desired outcome?

Some ladies I work with have a hankering to have a go at starting up a buisness but have no idea if it’s a good idea or where to start - if thats you, have a look at the book I have written for you. Other ladies want to go off traveling and explore whats out there in our beautiful world, or like many perhaps you need to work on that confidence first?

Whatever positive things you decide to do with this time in your life you will be building something for you and your future, taking control and being the amazing woman that you are with a sense of reward and feeling complete. If you need a little help contact me for a chat and lets see how we can get you launched into your fabulous new life!

Until the next time

Much love

Teresa. x

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