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"Oh my Goodness it's so exciting!"

Chatting to Jenny the other day (who took advantage of my free 20 minute call) she told me that whilst contemplating over her coffee one morning and wondering what the day ahead will hold filled her with varied feelings of same old same old, and then excitement when she started thinking about what could be - her future and what she wants to do.

You see she had never been in this situation before where she could actually take time for herself and start to plan a new life. She had always seemed to be at everyone else’s beck and call but now the kids have flown the nest she feel this is her time now to create a new path for her next 30+ years ahead.

Her time to please herself, let that inner Goddess out and shine. So where to start!

Excitedly she said “Well, it's all a bit overwhelming, and knowing where to start would be a great thing but the choices are so many now I start to think about them, and they're tumbling into my mind at six and a half to the dozen, oh my goodness this is so exciting but it’s becoming clear to me that I need some help to sort this out, and put proper plans into place.”

If this is you or you would like it to be then take advantage of my free 20minute call on 01363 775935 to see if can help you get to that amazing life that you deserve and possibly been putting on hold for far to long!

Your time - your choice - your life!

With love

Teresa. x

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