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6 ways to help you stay positive working from home

Updated: Oct 20

It’s easy to let yourself feel a bit down with all that’s going on at the moment so I want to spread a little positivity to you and keep your spirits up. Lots of you will now be working from home where it’s easy to let your mental health fall into sloppy and downward spirals. Here are 6 tips to keep yourself in a positive and proactive mode to look after your mental health:

1.Get up at what time you normally would and get ready as if you are going to work. For example dress in your “work clothes” and don’t slop around in your Jim jams all day, this will tell your mind that it's sleep time and you will not be so productive.

2.The times you would normally take travelling to work can now be put to use for organising. Organise your meals. Cook up stews, casseroles and soups for the just in case moments if you are taken ill and pop them in the freezer. This is a great thing to do as if you don't have time to cook you can defrost/cook a healthy meal in about 20 minutes.

3.Make yourself a list the night before of whats on the agenda the next day and stick to it – prioritise tasks at the top. Tick things off as you complete them for a rewarding feeling. Things you don't manage that day pop them on the top of your tomorrows list.

4.If possible make yourself a workplace in your home and only work there. Your mind will be in work mode there and you will concentrate better. If you don't have a work space make sure you cover your work for the day with a cloth so your mind knows it's non work time.

5.Make sure you get some exercise – ideally outside in the fresh air (keeping away from others of course), a good 30 min brisk walk will oxygenate and stimulate your brain. You will get back feeling refreshed and more relaxed ready for round two!

6.Pick up the phone to a friend or relative and ask how they are. It's important to have social contact of some sort otherwise you will become de motivated and start to procrastinate.

I hope these few tips help you and if I can help at all reach out and contact me. I would love to keep in touch so please sign up for my ocassional newsletter ans further tips. I will never share your details with anyone.

All for now, look after yourself and those around you, do whatever you can to help those in need. Stay well. Teresa.x #women #ladies #businesswoman #workingfromhome #Wellbeing #Mentalhealth #startups #SME #businesswomen

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