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5 Shopping Tips For Empty Nesters

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Are you cupboards and fridge bulging at the hinges? Crisp packets falling out of the cupboard doors when you open them?

Being creatures of habit we ladies can find ourselves buying far too many groceries when we go out shopping, which I am sure many of us who have had families can relate to! It's become such a habit over the years to shop and cook for a family, but when they have all fled the nest old habits die hard. If you are anything like me you will still have "just in case" things in the back of the cupboards - which no doubt are way over their sell by date, not to mention all the fruit and fresh veg I was having to use up and put in the freezer!

It can be quite difficult when you’re in this 'habitual mode' browsing around the supermarket, you’re not really thinking about how many you’re going to feed, your subconscious brain has taken over and you are on auto pilot merrily popping things into the shopping trolly without thinking. I know when I used to get to the checkout I was suddenly thinking - gosh I have enough to feed and army!

So how does one change habits of a lifetime and cut the over food buying down to a sensible amount? Well having been there and done here are a few tips to concider.

1. Make a list of things you a planning to eat for the week, have a look at the ingredients that is needed and only buy those ingredients but don't forget a few little snacks and goodies along the way for you though - we all need them!.

2.If you like to eat ad lib like me then instead of buying a pack of items only buy one or two. Instead of buying a huge bunch of grapes/bananas etc to go in the fruit bowl buy a smaller bunch or a few.

3.It's important to be fresh and alert when you shop so that you are using the part of your brain enabling you to make good decisions, e.g. stick to your list or be assertive about what items you actually went shopping for.

4.Never shop on an empty stomach especially if you are a comfort eater or you will find yourself thinking "oh that looks yummy" and it gets put into your trolly!

5.Shop on line then you only but things you need and cuts out the browsing!

If you follow some of my tips you will find you have less food waste and more money left in your purse at the end of the week! It's a win win.

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Much love

Teresa. x

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