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4 Tips on planning your future

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Some Ladies tell me that they feel as if they are aimlessly floating around with good intentions to getting around to doing this or that but never actually completing it. I have to admit that my Mother was the worlds expert at this at this, one of her famous sayings was “I’ll get around to it,” but of course she never did. I think her problem was not having the confidence, or ability to know how to set proper goals and directions to reach them.

You see if you don’t actually make goals you will never be able to start and complete your journey towards what you really want in life. If you lack the confidence as my Mother did you will have problems committing to things as well, then it becomes an "I can't do that just incase situation!” Sound familiar?

Floating around being indecisive, getting nowhere can lead to dissatisfaction in life, leaving you feeling useless, empty and directionless. What satisfaction is there in never completing or achieving things? Even worse people may see you as a bit dippy or flaky and although they may joke about it, deep down they will have very little respect for you as you dither and can’t make your mind up about things and put things off.

It’s empowering and confidence building to have plans of actions in place, you then know exactly what you need to do to get to where or what you desire - you have direction and structure -which is something we all need. Heres a few ideas to start you off:

1.Think about what things you want to achieve (goals). It’s good to have 3 goals to work towards - one short term, 3 months time for example, one mid term - a year or more and a long term goal, say 5 years time.

2. When do you want to achieve these goals by? Set an exact date and time when you will start and the date and and time when it will be achieved. This will gear up your mind to start working on it.

3. Write these goals down. This is really important - I can not stress this strongly enough. If you don’t write them down they will remain a dream floating around in your head and you will be no further forward.

4. Start making plans towards what you need to do - make a list of all the things you can think of that need to be in place to enable you to start your journey. It does not have to be big things - little steps every day get you to the end of the path and even if it’s only one step a day its better than none and you will be heading in the right direction.

I hope this helps and you can now start getting it together but If you find yourself stuck and don’t know where to start contact me for a free chat with no obligations.

Until the next time,

Teresa. x

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