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Writing can be a great way to feel fulfilled and accumplished

There is nothing better than feeling fulfilled and having accomplished something in life is there? One of the most therapeutic and fulfilling things you can do is to share your experiences.

Can you imagine yourself writing a book, telling your story and seeing your name in print, revelling in a feeling of pride and accomplishment? I think lots of us dream about being a published Author but not many get that far. Many of us make a few pages of notes now and again with the intention but thats as far as it gets. Writing is a wonderful way to express yourself and something to throw your passion into. It can be extremely therapeutic and fulfilling.

Just think about all that knowledge of life you have and all those experiences you can share! I am sure you have lots of funny stories and no doubt a few sad ones that we can all relate to. Perhaps you have a passion for something like horse riding, walking, fashion, antiques, property or a hobby others would like to hear about? You may think "oh no one would be interested in that" but you would be surprised! Nothing ventured nothing gained! Let me share my experience with you and I will let you into a few secrets!

When I first had dreams about writing a book it was many years ago when I had so much going on in life - one day, I would think, "I will get around to writing that book" and it felt like I had about six books on various topics in me to write However, life takes over and time passes by so I never got around to it . The longer I left it the more distant it became and I started to loose the thoughts of writing those books until one day I realised that I had lost the passion to do it! I tried to re ignite that passion by going to writing groups but they were not my thing.

So sadly I gave up on the idea - until years later something within me burst out again and reignited that spark! Life has a funny way of tapping you on the shoulder to do things. I suddenly felt that I needed to share my knowledge, expertise and experience to Ladies like you who perhaps felt they wanted to do something for themselves and start their own business. It all came together and last year I very proudly published my book "Ladies Lets Get Going - starting and growing your own dream business"

I have to tell you it was one of the highlights of my life - to be able to share my story of how I started and grew many businesses over the last 40 years and leave a legacy to the Ladies thinking of starting out. There is nothing that builds your confidence more and any feeling that comes close than having achieved a life ambition.

Now my question to you is - are you going to start writing - if so I can help you, or are you going to ignite your inner passion to achieve your life long ambition/s which I call also help you with!

Lets chat it through on a Free call with me and lets see if we can work together on this. Exciting!!!

With love.

Teresa. x


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