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As an International Coach I speak and coach people in many different countries and also work in association with other companies and Coaches mainly in Guatemala and Brazil


I am very proud to be an associate of the FlyHi group based in Brazil owned and founded by my good friend and also an International award winning Coach like myself, Rafael Pompeo who is also an English tutor Teacher/Coach to Portuguese and German speakers who are wanting to learn native English.


We have spent a long time seeking a way in which we can work together to share our skills for our International clients and together we have produced a unique formula teaching and coaching learners the spoken English Language.


This is unlike any other class or language school you will find - we are unique in that we nurture and coach you with humour and expertise, really caring about you as an individual and giving you full support.


It is all very well being able to conduct yourself well in a classroom or in small group of learners but actually having an English native speaker in your class/group is a whole different experience. 


We have found that learners suffer with shyness and the worry that they cannot be understood when they come face to face with an English person.  They find speaking with a native English speaker is very different than speaking with other people from countries that speak "English" such as America and Canada as we have a different vocabulary, sound and meanings to words. 


It is vital in certain areas such as business to have the confidence and be able to conduct negotiations  comfortably, other wise it shows in your body language. 


Together Rafael and I will give you the confidence to allow you to break through those barriers and blockages that are holding you back, allowing you to really step forward and become that confident English speaker that you long to be.  Just think of that whole new world that can open up for you!

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Who are these classes for?

  • Brazilian & South American people employed in Europe

  • Professionals & Academics

  • Students

  • Portuguese & Spanish speakers

What will you gain from this course?

By participating in our private, unique English speaking lessons you will overcome your shyness and gain the confidence to interact with ease and clarity.

You will add to your personal and professional development skills.


Participating in our small group sessions with myself as a native English speaker from England and Rafael's gentle guidance from Brazil will take you to a whole new level.

Become more employable and amplifying your horizons of opportunities 

The ability to participate in business negotiations around the world.