Start Up Your Own Business

A Woman in business

  • Do you have a dream of starting up your own business, being your own boss, doing things you love doing - not what you are told to do?


  • Tired of having to comply and want to make your own decisions.

  • Want to be in control of your own life?  


  • Do you want to work for yourself and see the rewards of your efforts of taking something you love to do/create and offer it to the world?


If so, you are bang in the right place to get started!

Starting up your own small business can be extremely empowering and very exciting.

Having 4 decades of experience starting and running businesses, I know what it takes to get going. I have coached many people, both at the beginning of their journey and up to established business people who get stuck and can't see their way forward with some issues.


With a startup business, there are many things that are going through your mind - how to cope with this and that, how to not get overwhelmed, is it a good idea or not, looking after the family and your wellbeing - the list goes on!

There are lots of plates spinning in the air at one time and you must know which ones not to drop!  So it's invaluable to have a coach like me, who's been through it many times, to talk these things through and keep you sane and on track! 

Very often I find that people starting out in business do not have the confidence to push forward in certain areas such as sales and meeting new people.

If you are going to succeed in business you need to have certain skills in place, such as communication skills. In my coaching sessions, I cover many of these aspects in my 7 step program which is vital to have in place.


Having started and been in various businesses for over 40 years I know the pitfalls and difficulties that can be ahead so I can help you prepare for them and guide you along your journey.  


I am the published author of the startup book called "Ladies Let's Get Going,"  which has hundreds of tips and practical advice and exercises to help you, which you can purchase here - or I will send you a signed copy when we start working together.  


It has wellbeing at the heart of it making sure that you have a healthy work-life balance. 

I also coach people who are already established in business who are experiencing problems.

Here's an example of a coaching outcome from one of my international clients.


I was stuck on a 5-year (long-term!) issue with one of my businesses where I was avoiding actioning a change I wanted to make.

Teresa’s questioning led to an awareness that my feeling of fear over being left alone with all of the responsibility that change would bring about was stopping me from taking action.


When Teresa & I explored the issue, options and goals involved, there was no evidence that my identified path couldn’t be the right one and this promoted the confidence I needed to act. 


Without this help, I likely would never have interrogated the options nor identified the root cause of my avoidance. Teresa also helped me to consider and identify what I really wanted and needed.


The outcome was that I overcame my fear, stopped procrastinating and was able to push forward and get the business moving in the direction it needed.


It WAS the right path both for myself and for that business.


Gracias Teresa!


JL.Serial Entrepreneur, Guatemala

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