Happy Woman

The TBC 7 Step Coaching Programme

Life Coaching should be looked upon as an investment in your future, not a quick fix. I don’t have a magic wand (I wish!).


To work with me you will need to be committed and put in the work and time.

Although you may start to feel better in a short while when working with me, the foundations are only just beginning to form.


We need to work together over over time from 5, 8 or 12 months to allow time for the changes you are making to become fruitful - think of it as building a new house.  


It’s important to set a good solid foundation on which to build, so we start by putting down those solid foundations and then build up step-by-step in my unique tried and trusted 7-step coaching programme. 

By following The TBC 7 step program you will be setting off on a journey with me from where you are struggling now to find a clear plan of what you want to achieve and where you want to be - imagine that wonderful future waiting for you!  


With each step that you take, you will be gaining more confidence, happiness, direction and purpose! 

Happy Woman

What is the TBC 7 Step Program?

This unique tried and trusted life coaching programme was constructed by myself after many decades of coaching.


It will give you structure and make certain that we cover all the bases needed to bring you a bright, purposeful happy future.


Following are some of the things we cover (not necessarily in the same order as I adjust to individual needs).



It is important to know what’s going on now in your life and take stock. Establish what is causing you problems so that we can put together a way forward.

You will have some homework from me so that I can get a clear picture of you and start to build the journey.

I will provide you with some coping techniques to help you manage any anxiety and stress you may be experiencing. You will also be provided with a relaxation MP3 download.

What you would have achieved by the end of this step.

  • You will have some techniques in place to help with any anxious moments and be able to use them effectively and easily. 

  • You will have a clear picture of where you are now and have some idea of what needs to be done to create your way forward.

step 2


By now you will start to feel calmer and a bit more in control and have mastered the coping strategies. We can then start to build your confidence.

  • We will look at what that voice inside your head is saying and how to take control.

  • Work on your belief/esteem

  • Looking after you

  • Using your imagination

  • How to stop being a doormat

  • Educating your brain

  • Achievements

  • Your comfort zone

What you would have achieved by the end of this step.


  • You will have mastered those negative voices in your head and be aware of your outer voice and what you are saying about yourself.

  • You will also be more aware of outside negative influences. 

  • You would have learnt how to take confidence and the attributes you require from others 

  • Learnt how to treat yourself kindly 

  • Easily and nicely say no to people who put upon you

  • You will realise the achievements you have made in life 

  • Be able to step into more challenging situations calmly.

step 3


At this point, you will have covered a lot of ground and you should be in a much better position mentally. You should also feel more in control of your life and the happiness is starting to come through.


We will continue to broaden that happiness to make sure it is there long term for you by addressing the following:

  • Smashing out any limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Looking at your core values and beliefs 

  • What brings you really, deep-down joy

  • Emotional freedom

  • Relationships

  • Ways to find more happiness

What you would have achieved by the end of this step.

  • On completion of this step, you will be able to recognise the things that have held you back and be able to deal with any future limiting beliefs.

  • You will have unveiled what it is that will lead to your true happiness from your core values and beliefs and how they fit into your life.

  • You will have a plan to explore new and exciting things such as new relationships (if you wish) and how to find a companion. 

  • A feeling of relief, emotional freedom and inner happiness 

step 4


So now you are feeling happier and in a better place mentally we can start to construct the next exciting chapter of your life!


There is a lot we will be looking at in this step, some of which we will be exploring is:

  • What it is that sets you on fire - finding that true passion within

  • Setting your future goals - what you want to achieve in your future

  • Not becoming overwhelmed - putting steps in place.

  • Motivation - keeping you going when you are in a can’t be bothered mood

  • Procrastination - how to get you off your butt and go for it! 

  • What may be causing it and what to do about it.

What you would have achieved by the end of this step.

  • At the end of this step, you will have a clear structured plan in place for your future

  • Learnt techniques to keep you motivated and moving forward

  • Tactics to prevent overwhelm

step 5


So, by now you will be feeling more confident, more in control and know exactly what it is you want to happen in your future, which will build your sense of purpose.


We explore what this means and make sure you have everything in place to make you feel fulfilled.

What you would have achieved by the end of this step.

  • You will know what your purpose in life is.

  • Have a checklist to help you keep on track in the future 

step 6


At this stage, you will have a great sense of purpose and a feeling of becoming fulfilled in life. When you have truly gained a new purpose, it can open up many different areas, so it is important to take a look at your wellness.

Your wellbeing should be at the heart of everything that you do. We will be exploring ways for you to make sure you look after yourself and you stay fit and healthy physically as well as mentally.

I will be encouraging you to look at your fitness (exercise) and nutrition and provide you with some relaxation methods along with another relaxation MP3 download to enjoy.

What you would have achieved by the end of this step.

  • You will have a regime in place to ensure your wellness

  • Learnt relaxation techniques

  • Know how to bring calmness into your life

  • How to manage anxiety

step 7


Now you should have everything you need in place and a clear plan of action knowing that you are now in control. 

We will make sure that you have all you need to continue on your new exciting future and what to do regularly to keep on an even keel.


What you would have achieved by the end of this step.

  • At the end of this step, you will have revisited everything that we have worked on together and have notes, techniques and tactics to ensure a happy confident future.

  • You will have made adjustments to your plans and ensured that all goals have realistic dates and times on them.