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Your Daughters Wellbeing

We all want what's best for our daughters and seeing them suffer from anxiety, stress and lack of confidence can be heartbreaking.

As a mother of two daughters of my own (now grown up and left the nest). I can sympathise and understand how hard it can be to sit by and feel helpless. 

Over the last 30 decades, I have coached a vast number of young adults with various issues ranging from feeling unsettled after a move, coming to terms with parents divorcing, school, college and Uni problems, peer and social media pressures, eating disorders, in fact, if you name it I have probably seen it!

Keeping and staying well balanced is a bit of an art for most of us but for them, it can be really difficult. They have the dance of the hormones going on and the world can seem a scary big place sometimes.  


As far as they are concerned nothing seems to go right and everyone is against them - no one understands how they feel and no one has ever been in this situation before! Doors slam and they won't talk to you - tell you you never listen and spend hours on their mobiles! Does that sound familiar?

This year has been especially challenging with the lockdown and Covid. It seems to have hit the 16 -17 year olds in particular who have mainly

suffered from anxiety and affecting their confidence.

They are not used to not having a routine in their life so helping them to get some structure back into their lives has given them stability and more confidence.

Arms Crossed

How I can Help your Daughter?

Young adults often find it easier to talk to someone outside of their circle and feel they are able to unload and let it all out. Working with me gives them the freedom to explore their problems in a secure professional environment.


Youngsters are afraid of being judged by people and knowing that I will never judge them and always stand in their corner is a great reassurance for them. 


Looking after their wellbeing is paramount if they are to have a happy life ahead. By showing them physical techniques to control stress and anxiety we can then unravel the real problems and start to address them.


Using my 7 step coaching programme will ensure that they gain confidence and control in their lives.  If you are struggling to try to help your daughter give me a call and let's see if I can help you resolve the issue.