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  • Feeling lost and all at sea.  Now the family no longer need me what’s my role in life?  I don’t know where I fit anymore – I don’t have a role. 

  • Feeling insignificant, not valued and invisible. No one seems to notice my presence anymore; I get overlooked and people don’t take what I say seriously or seem to care what I think and feel. Confidence has gone out of the window!​

  • Nothing to look forward to.  Everyday seems the same old same.  Every morning I wake up wondering what to do today and end up doing nothing which leaves me feeling that I have wasted the whole day doing nothing.  There has to be more to life than just existing.

  • Procrastinating – can’t be bothered to do anything.  Starting to feel depressed as I can’t seem to get enthusiasm to do what I want to do.  I know what I want to do and what I ought to do but doing them are two different things.  I keep putting it off and filling my days with time wasting things.

  • Accountability – well there’s no one to answer to so why bother doing anything? I can do things in my own time - problem is I never get anything completed as tomorrow will do!  

  • No excitement in life. When I was younger there seemed to be so much that I found exciting but now I seem to have lost my mojo and nothing seems to spark off those feelings anymore.

  • I have found the direction for my future happiness, what I want to do with my next 30+ years of life and have set my goals towards that, feeling in control, really happy and very positive. 


  • Full of confidence, fulfilled and appreciated.  Learnt how to project myself, make my voice heard and become more positive. Also learnt how to ask for what I want and consequently I am a much better communicator. 


  • Experiencing a new lease to life, happiness, more energy and enthusiasm.  By learning ways of organising my day I am so much happier and feel I have a purpose in life. Looking at things in a different light has given me new insight to what I have been missing out on and now I am able to harness that and go for it. 


  • Found new ways of achieving my goals and getting there faster.  Have a set course and broken-down steps to get there so I don’t feel overwhelmed. Instead of looking at things as a big picture Teresa has shown me how to break things down into smaller achievable parts.


  • Being kept on track and held accountable for my actions, fulfilling my tasks has made me feel really good. I feel like I have actually achieved something.  It gives me a feeling of being back in control of my life.

  • Have found my mojo and having a ball!!  There is still so much to get excited about it - I just needed the help to find that spark again!

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